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The Advantage Using Linux Hosting

There are several aspects to consider during the process of establishing a hosting server. One of them is choosing hosting server’s operating system or OS. The OS is going to manage any process that happens within the server. That includes hardware and programs that are present in the system. The OS also helps you running… Read More »

The Advantage Using Windows Hosting

Windows is one of major platforms for operating system. Microsoft also releases server version using Windows as system. This product is available for web server and hosting. So, what are benefits of windows hosting? The answer will be explained in the followings sections More about benefits of windows hosting Keep in mind the server that… Read More »

Windows Hosting Vs Linux Hosting

Regarding websites, hosting becomes the important factors. Without hosting, there will not be a website. Of course, those who are going to be serious in dealing with websites or e-commerce business, they will start to consider hosting provider. It is because they need to access and develop it. These cannot be done just by using… Read More »

How to Build Successful E-Commerce

As the growth of internet and communication technologies, business opportunities also develop well. Now, various forms of business can be conducted and mostly, they use and utilize internet. In this case, e-commerce becomes one of the fast-growing businesses recently. People are interested to build this business, but it is not something simple. There should be… Read More »

Tips On Choosing Effective Domain Name

Domain name is an important part of a website. When a visitor wants to visit your business website, they will have to type in the domain name in the address bar. When the domain name is awful and cannot even get easily remembered, of course the website won’t get a lot of visitors per day.… Read More »