Windows Hosting Vs Linux Hosting

By | August 16, 2019

Regarding websites, hosting becomes the important factors. Without hosting, there will not be a website. Of course, those who are going to be serious in dealing with websites or e-commerce business, they will start to consider hosting provider. It is because they need to access and develop it. These cannot be done just by using free blog platform. Related to it, there is Windows hosting and Linux hosting. Both of them are popular, but there are some main differences.

Differences between Linux and Windows Hosting

In term of operating system, it is popular to know the Linux and Windows. Both of them are the popular OS for PCs and computers. In fact, each also provides and develops the hosting and servers. These become interesting since both of them still share some characteristics, and it is good to know the differences for the sake of comparison.

  1. Operating system and interface

Of course, the first difference can be found in its interface and operating system. Both of them have significant differences. Actually, those who already work with Linux OS in their device will not get big problems to deal with Linux hosting since there is similar interface.

However, Windows-based users will need to adapt more when they use the Linux hosting. There are some differences interfaces. Even, some common commands and instructions found in Windows are quite different. In this case, it can be said that Windows can be friendlier compared Linux. However, the complexities also have some benefits.

  • Users experience

In term of users’ experience, it is also still quite subjective. It is because those who are already experienced in working with website, hosting, and server, they will love to use Linux. It is because Linux works in most software packages, starting from MySQL, Apache, PHP, and other package. Operating these needs good skills and that is why Linux hosting is choice of those who are already experienced.

In other case, Windows have its own platform and mostly these are provided by the Microsoft. That is why usually Windows hosting is found in many big corporations that can build certain agreements with Microsoft.

  • Security

In term of security and reliability, it seems that Linux is better than Windows hosting. So far, there are many researches showing that Windows-based hosting and websites get more attacks than the Linux-based website.

These cannot be separated from the database and web management. In the Linux, each website can have different and specific management since modifying the backend can be easier in Linux. That is why security patches can be stronger and better. Actually, Windows hosting also gets updates and upgrades for the security, however the packages are easier to analyze and attacked.

  • Price

Then, the interesting point is about the price. In term of price, Linux hosting can provide better pricing in term of affordable services. These are good points and even it is still possible to get the free services.

In term of Windows, it is quite difficult to find free services because Windows Hosting already comes in various packages and these cannot be accessed for free. However, the prices are still worthy since Windows keep supporting the platform with various updates of features. 

Those are some main differences between Windows and Linux hosting. These two things can be significantly differences. Each of them has different sectors or targets of users. The features are also dedicated for distinguished segments. Therefore, both of them are still used by many web developers.

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