Top 5 Features of Drupal CMS

By | November 29, 2018

Website is an important tool to develop a business today. The fact that internet has been widely used throughout the world; developing business through website is considered effective. In one condition, you need to be able to maintain the website to offer incredible experience for customers and clients. Drupal is an open source platform which offers convenience while developing a website. Many professional web developers use this platform to create amazing website for business.

5 Drupal CMS Features You Should Know

Drupal CMS has been known as a stand out platform among others such as Joomla and WordPress. It is able to provide power, flexibility and functionality. That is why small businesses tend to use Drupal CMS to develop their websites. What features does it offer? Here are top 5 features offered by Drupal:

  1. Manage website content from phone

Drupal 8 offers a lot of convenience for user, one of which is the feature that allows you to manage website through tablets, smartphones, or other mobile devices. This feature is considered practical as you are allowed to go mobile. Your site administration will adjust with your device and the themes will be responsive as well. If you are a busy people with high mobility, this is an incredible feature to help you out.

  1. Website throughout the world

Drupal CMS supports multi-lingual functionality. This is an important feature offered by Drupal since it allows you to translate the website content to 110 different languages. It does not stop there. This platform also enables you to determine which block should appear when specific language is used. This is important to improve various visitors’ experience when accessing your website. To support this feature, translation updates are automatically performed.

  1. Major improvement with HTML5

Drupal provides better experience for users since it employs HTML5. Drupal 7 provides outstanding experience for it currently uses XHTML, but Drupal 8 CMS is even better with HTML5. Whether you access through desktop of mobile, it is able to offer best experience.

  1. Change view parameters

You do not need to install module to get View features. Drupal 8 CMS comes with built in initiative View that allows you to view content shown on a page, order of display, what fields to display, and many others. It also features easier View which allows the site administrators to handle complete control.

  1. Less modules, faster page load

Unlike Drupal 7 which comes with lots of module, Drupal 8 has less modules which enables to perform faster page load. In other words, it is no longer necessary to feature several modules on each page which cases long load time. This feature surely enhances the experience both for developer and visitor.

In conclusion, the latest version Drupal 8 CMS comes with five main features that allow you to create incredible website including easy access through mobile device and faster load time. Since maintaining website is important to develop your business recently, Drupal 8 is what you need for the best convenience.