The Advantage Using Linux Hosting

By | August 23, 2019

There are several aspects to consider during the process of establishing a hosting server. One of them is choosing hosting server’s operating system or OS. The OS is going to manage any process that happens within the server. That includes hardware and programs that are present in the system. The OS also helps you running command to the server to make the system does actions you want it doing. Linux is one of the most popular operating systems used for hosting server. There are several advantages of using this particular OS for your hosting server.

What are the Advantages of Using Linux as Hosting’s OS?

The following points are going to highlight the reasons why Linux is a great choice for your hosting OS.

  1. Open Source Nature

Linux has an open source nature. It means that people who utilize this operating system are free to contribute to the network. This encourages innovations to be made by those who are using this particular OS. The resources within its network can be accessed easily by users through since it is made highly available. If someone has made new useful software to increase the hosting functions, other users can easily download the similar software.

  • High Level of Security

As an open source network system, Linux does not work in similar manner as other corporate-made operating systems when it comes to deal with cyber-attacks. When there is a minor security breach, any user within the network can immediately fix it instead of having to wait for the IT team to move into action. That being said, no operating system is free of attacks. Being responsive to the small ones will help the open source network to stay secured.

  • High Speed Server Process

Major operating system tends to be slowed down once the server has started to get packed with variety of problems (e.g.: malware and spyware) in the background. Such OS also has internal registry which proves to be burden for the system. Since Linux is an open source network, it does not have internal registry which means that the system is less jam packed and will be able to process things faster.

  • Simple and Streamlined System

Unlike what most people believe, running a Linux server is not complicated at all. If you are a creative user, you will be able to come up with new programs that can make your life a whole lot easier. Every time a new problem arises, you can counteract it with novel solution. The fact that it is an open source system means that you must share that with other users within the network.

  • Affordability

Corporate made OS usually asks users to pay an additional cost to install certain programs that they need into the server system. As an open source network, you will be able to get programs made by users within this system for free. In the long run, running the Linux server will be considerably cheaper than installing corporate made OS into your system.

Those five reasons are more or less adequate to help you running your hosting server. Of course, there are some less than ideal aspects that this OS has, but the advantages are just too tempting.