The Advantage Using Windows Hosting

By | August 21, 2019

Windows is one of major platforms for operating system. Microsoft also releases server version using Windows as system. This product is available for web server and hosting. So, what are benefits of windows hosting? The answer will be explained in the followings sections

More about benefits of windows hosting

Keep in mind the server that runs Windows is basically similar to your computer or laptop at home. The only difference is the capability because the server is for internet, database, and hosting. Moreover, Microsoft creates different kind of Windows to separate between personal, business, and server.

  1. Familiarity for beginner

The main reason why you may rely on windows hosting is the familiarity. It is similar to your own computer. Hosting is to store all websites and files in one computer then everyone can access it from anywhere. Windows hosting has familiar interface and configuration that most windows users already know. In fact, Windows is still majority of computer system in the world. Therefore, you do not have to learn from beginning, just for basic operation. That is why hosting becomes suitable for beginners.

  • Easy access via RDP

How do you connect into server from your computer? Windows provides application to do this thing. It is called RDP or Remote desktop protocol. Every Windows system has this app as a part of network support. You can open RDP and fill necessary information, such as IP address and password. After that, you have additional screen as same as opening new software, but the appearance is Windows.

  • Compatibility

Even though Windows is proprietary system, you do not have to worry about its compatibility. In Windows, developers utilize NET Framework and ASP Net. In open source, there are different platforms but still compatible to Windows. On contrary, you cannot install Windows platform in open source. This benefit does not seem two ways, but Windows is compatible for both Microsoft-based platform and open source.

  • Update and support

Windows users will receive support and update regularly. As prominent company, Microsoft has skillful developer and team to handle Windows server. Users will receive patch and update to increase the capability and performance. One of major benefit about this part is you do not have to worry about future update and support. As company, Microsoft has long credibility in this area. It is different if you rely on non-Windows platform. The support is limited, and there is a chance for uncertainty.

  • Security

The next advantage is security as important factor to consider Windows. Most users experience issue in their computer at home. Malware, virus, and Trojan are common in Windows system. However, you do not have to worry because the handful security system will protect it from malicious program and unknown attack. Windows developer has experience to solve this issue. Moreover, users will receive security patch immediately in fast response.

Windows hosting is not just alternative but the top choice. You might be a website developer and most of targeted users access the web via Windows device. For high performance website, you can focus on Windows that’s still compatible to others. Those are what you know regarding the advantage using windows hosting.