Tips On Choosing Effective Domain Name

By | August 12, 2019

Domain name is an important part of a website. When a visitor wants to visit your business website, they will have to type in the domain name in the address bar. When the domain name is awful and cannot even get easily remembered, of course the website won’t get a lot of visitors per day. Here is more information about it for you.

How to Choose an Effective Domain Name That Attracts Visitors?

To enhance the number of visitors for the website, the domain mane must be attractive. It is the core of everything actually. The decision of making the domain name must be considered way before the website is constructed. Here are some of the best tips you can consider when choosing a domain name. It will make you end up with memorable domain name that will boost the website overall performance.

  1. It Has to be Easy to Type

The first rule of choosing a domain name is to choose a name that is easy to type. For first time visitor, they will have to type in the domain name manually on the address bar if they cannot find any link directly to it. Typing a complicated domain name will easily make them less enthusiastic and it has a huge chance of mistype or misspelling.

  • It Has to be Simple

The name cannot be complicated at all. Keep it simple so that the visitor can comprehend with the name easily. The name should also reflect what the website is all about. It is all to attract visitors. When the name is too complicated, the potential visitors would have no idea about it and won’t even get bothered to visit it. It will not be good news for any website owner.

  • Avoid Numbers and Hyphens

Do not ever use numbers and hyphens in the domain address. There are two reasons for it. First, it makes the name looks complicated and it also has bigger chance of misspelling. Second, it makes the name looks very unprofessional. You want the domain name to look great and bold. Do not use them for the best result. Spell everything, including numbers. Do not use like “6” and use “six” instead.

  • It Has to be Memorable

The name has to be easy to type, has to be simple, and more importantly it has to be memorable. When the visitor remembers the domain name easily, they will visit the site numerous other times because they can easily type the address and do not have to look for it on the search engine.

Domain name is not something you can take for granted. Think about it very wisely and make sure the chosen domain name is going to be used for goods. Changing the name in the near future is not going to be good to the website. It will confuse the visitors and you will have to change many things as well. That is why you have to consider the domain name wisely and carefully.