How to Make Money from Blogging

By | December 5, 2018

Blogging has been a great hobby for many people, especially those who have excellent passion in writing. Blogging is also a nice way to express the things you like or the things you are passionate about. If you think that blogging is just like that and there is nothing more it can do, you are completely mistaken because it can be your source of money. Lots of bloggers out there make living from their blog. They do not even have to get full-time job to earn money.

The Popular Ways to Make Money from Blogging

How can people make money from blogging? Basically, blog is like a flexible platform where every part of it can be turned into money. That’s why many people try to start a good blog websites these days. They hope eventually they can earn money from this activity. Here are three popular ways you can do to make money from blog.

  1. Selling Space for Ads

When your blog is popular, many people will visit it daily. Companies or people who want to promote their products will eventually come to you. They will ask you to provide space for the ads. Selling space for ads is highly effective to generate lots of money. Ads can be formed in many ways when it comes to blog, for example banner, pop up box, header, and so on. The more space you sell, the more money you will get.


  1. Write the Sponsored Posts

The good quality of content will get more people to find it enjoyable. As the result, they will keep coming to your blog to read something. Just when the visitors and traffic get really high, you will find numerous companies and organizations lining up to sponsor your post. Usually, the companies are the ones related to your content. Say for example, the blog is about beauty and makeup. Then, probably a makeup line or beauty product will come to sponsor your post. All you need to do is write regular content but with a bit of mention of sponsor product. It is no big deal and the money you get is usually a lot.


  1. Review Products

Ads space and sponsored posts are not the only ways where companies and organizations can promote their products. They can specifically ask you to review their products. Strangely enough, this is not uncommon in the world of blogging. Many bloggers make great deal of money just by reviewing products from companies which pay them. The reviews must be positive, obviously. Even though you do not like the product, you can still pretend you do and get the money.

See, there are lots of ways where you can monetize the blog. Therefore, making the blogs popular and have lots of visitors is important. The more visitors your blog gets, the more popular it will be. When it is popular, doing all those things above to your blog site is easier. You can definitely make lots of money from it.