What is kentico CMS?

By | December 6, 2018

Web developers rely on CMS in order to create intuitive and interactive website. In simple term, CMS means Content Management System as platform to make website as easy as posting contents. Moreover, you can modify, expand, edit, adjust, and customize the content to fit website feature, including e-commerce. One of recommended CMS is Kentico with several features and benefits. To know more about it, just read the next sections.


Main Features on Kentico CMS


  1. CMS and ASP NET

Kentico CMS uses ASP NET from Microsoft as the core platform. It is different from open source CMS that’s usually free with no license. On the other side, users pay to get Kentico CMS in their system. Free version is available, but with limited features and capability. As CMS, ASP platform is more stable and easier to adjust. That’s why you should choose this CMS when needing more interactive website.


  1. CMS and e-commerce

One CMS for entire purpose is what you get from Kentico. The basic feature is CMS where you can develop website as similar to other ones. Users can post content, add widgets, and change the template. Those things are available in Kentico CMS. Besides, you can build your own e-commerce without changing the platform.


E-commerce is website for online shopping or marketplace. Creating this kind of website is not easy, particularly for beginner. Therefore, Kentico CMS has practical feature to customize website. You will get e-commerce framework, discount management, product categorization, online payment, paid membership, multiple currencies, shopping card, and shipping management. They are what you need to make the e-commerce works properly.


  1. Online marketing

If you use other CMS, marketing is not integrated part. Users need to install separated extension, module, plugin, or widget to support marketing program. That’s not what you see in Kentico CMS. This platform has online marketing support to promote website. There are banner management, newsletter, email marketing, social media, web analytics, and campaign management. Those are the basic parts in marketing via online media.


  1. Intranet and collaboration

Kentico CMS uses Microsoft platform that means it’s capable to integrate into SharePoint service. Intranet and collaboration are the features where this CMS becomes a part of workgroup in particular workplace. You can work via SharePoint using Kentico and let others participate to collaborate in your project. With this feature, the project manager creates account and provides access to all team members. They can change, edit, and do anything related to project development. Therefore, Kentico CMS comes in handy in this purpose.


  1. Online community

The next capability is online community. Kentico CMS can transform website into forum with member management. As admin, you can choose the access level to those members based on specific scale. The features on online community are the report abusing, friends, groups, social media integration, message boards, user profiles, avatars, private messaging, and user generated content.


Those features above are capabilities from Kentico CMS. As proprietary product, users will receive support and update regularly. Moreover, you do not have to worry about security level because developer will take the responsibility.